The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud
Adam Jones, AW 2010 campain
Success is often achieved by those who don't know that failure is inevitable
burberry prorsum heels
Don't spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door
-Coco Chanel <3


green grass, beneath my feet


Some inspiration for a photoshoot i'm doing this weekend with my friends!

the child prodigy has returned! :)




Bloggers :), guess what? all these photos where taken by ava, my child prodigy photographing bestie ( hence the name)! And the darling who also contributed to this blog !
im in the top photo and the last, im the girl in the middle, red top, blond hair .
as you can see this photo is gorgeous, just not of me, but I decided to post it anyways
please excuse how i look in the photo , and trust me when i say i usually do look better! :)


hang on and be strong

"when your in your darkest hour,
 and all of the light just fades away,
 when your like a single flower whose colours have turned to shades of gray,
 well hang on be strong. "
"No you're not defeated,
And soon you'll be smiling once again,
Then you wont have to feel it,
Let it go with the wind,
Time passes us by,
And know that you're allowed to cry"

photos from we heart it
this post is dedicated to a few people. 
first of all to my friend heather,
whose dad this Friday was diagnosed with esophageal cancer, 
and also to my friend who has an eating disorder.
I hope all 3 of them have the strength to stay strong and pull through these tough times.
Its hard to do, but they can do it :)
also, birthday wishes to my beautiful and talented friend ava!
have a great one darling! :)


changing coulors

photo from we heart it 
my darling bloggers :), 
its Amy! i have finally gotten around to going on my blog!
and ohmygosh, the leaves are changing colours! as sad as I am to see summer go i'm also very excited that fall has come , halloween just might be one of my favorite holidays?
i love not only halloween but the things you do to get ready for it,
picking out pumpkins, finding the perfect costume, decorating your house, having pumpkin pie :)
sorry the post is so short . im very sleepy because of a late night yesterday and im planning on getting some sleep!
also thank you Ava! I hope you all enjoyed her wonderful guest blogging! she will now hopefully making occasional posts whenever she has the time for it.
ill fill you guys in on my school year so far later (hopefully wont bore you all too much)
toodles :) (L)