Happy sunday:)



Is anyone having trouble seeing these photos??

Pictures from weheartit:)
Heey bloggers! I have a problem with my computer, and what that is, is that I cant change pictures to make them the same size, so all the photos will be the size they originally are, and im sorry for that.
I hope you guys are having a good weekend so far:)


You are beautiful.

Yess, im sorry, no inspirational photos today :) but instead a message
I am doing a speech at school, and part of it is about unhealthy body image.
Every 100-200 women get anorexia. So if I have 2oo views on my blog,
1 of those people will go anorexic. And 1 in every 10 anorexic women die. The disorder might not sound that bad, but really its life threataning.
And the thing is, our body image is ridiculous, if you fit what models "should" weight,
you would be so thin, all your muscles would be gone. And your hair would start to fall out in clumps
I just wanted to let you all know, you are beautiful. Even if you dont fit the "standards"
of what beauty is, you are in your own way. I have never seen someone who is not.
All the advertisments of models you see are not real
Thank you all so much for reading, im sorry if its not what you expected


island in the sun



Lobster and Swan
from weheartit
Soo, as you venture out into this little planet we call Earth,
remember; cherish those who are dearest to you, who have made an impressionable imprint on your life; and most importantly, someone who can sniff your socks and not run away <3!!!>
Quote by my friend Becky <3
Were doing speeches at school, it takes up A LOT of time, so thats why I havent been posting to much,
these pictures remind me so muchh of summer!


fairy tales

  by ffîon.

  by ffîon.

wow, these photos are so magical
remind me of the most beautiful times in the summer,
like the new header? there by the same girl :)
click the header credit link,


a shining summer...


makes the sky shine brighter



pics from we heart it
ahhh, so I think I should get the biggest idiot ever award, 
for the past weeks I havent been blogging because I had my thing set to edit html,
I had to have Ava explain it to mee! Thanks for that:)
Anyways, schools fun were doing these things called media scrapbooks,
ill talk about those later, hope you guys all are doing amazing!
I made this post with all the nature pics because, we dont get enogh of it:)
We go to school all day and really dont have time to enjoy ourselves with
the beauty that surrounds us.