Homework is possibly the most boring thing in the world to do. I have do 2 pages of deer and wolf population questions. But instead I'm blogging :)
hehe love you guys
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Here's a series of portraits Ava took of me yesterday! Check out her flickr and portfolio!




waiting for you


Hey guys! I haven't posted in SO long! this is a picture ava campbell took of me during a photo shoot this fall .. :)
check out her flickr and carbonmade!
she is such an amazing photographer... you know i honestly want to start an i love ava fan club! spread the word about her photography and post one of her picks on your blog! (with a link to her flickr/carbonmade of course)!
ahaahha the funny thing is, she doesn't even know i'm writing this but i honestly love her to death and want her amazzzzing photography skills to be known to the world
xoxoxoxoxoxox amy :)