wishing star


a distant memory, so slowely comes back,


a feeling like youve done this before,


look to the future and what do I see,


a word, a message plastered tall,


a feeling a hope, to get through it all,

as the world falls apart,

we all fall into the ignorance of the media/society,
so just try to remember. just try.
you have been tagged! tag 4 people who you want to add pictures of there own
-pearl.. i love your blog :). very cute
-little miss black and white.. i love you. :), your photography inspires me
-chloe.. your comments make me smile!
-sabine cara.. ahhhaa, i watch glee too! we are like... tv show buddies :)<3
repost with pictures of your own .
the world is falling apart and we all know it,
we cant keep ignoring everything thats out there,
were going to need to learn to stand up by oursleves,
and start solving problems by ourselves
heeello everyone :)!
i think this is the first time ive filled out one of these tagging things!
there kinda fun !!
anyways gotta go to school (N)
ill post later!


summer sunshine

pic from wehearit
just to let you know i wanted to try only posting one picture! i see a lot of people do it so i desided to try ;D
So, how many of you think im overly obsessive of summer?
Pretty sure if you look at any other post ive made, they will all have some sort of mention about it! :).
anyways, summer sunshine is my favorite song! its by the cors !!
its actually really warm here and......
today is my birthday !
i got glee first season, and a snow cone machine!


Waving flag



my scanner is terrible..

Photos from the cutest blog called a city by the sea
YES! :), post after post, I have been writing about summer, and how much I miss it, and how I cant wate for it to come back... well guess what?? Its 25 celcius outside!!
And my oh my.... why am I inside blogging about it?
That question I cant answer, so I think ill be leaving now, gonna go get a tan?? :D