I guess ive never really posted a photo of myself on here so here one is^
Me and Ava are the 2 girls in the middle!
This photo was taken at a foam dance we went to..


I'm back


Hey darlings, Its Amy :) Tonight im going to a foam dance with my best friends... not sure how thats going to go kinda nervous! Anyways sorry I never post anymore, as I states bellow I now have a tumblr which I love to go on.. FOLLOW ME :) Amysruland.tumblr.com
ANYWAYS the school year is coming to an end :( and i should be happy about that but honestly im sad, time is passing way to quickly, and as much as I complain about school I honestly am going to miss all the amazing people ive met this year!
I think im going to probably make another post before summer comes, but if not I hope all of you have a summer to remember
My summer plans consist of going to my cottage, and going to 2 camps. Its going to be CRAMMED, ill have barely any free time.
XOXOX love you darlings!


fly away


hey bloggerrrs ! this is a photo of me taken by my best friend ava when we went on a photo shoot this weekend! check out her flicker and comment :)! AVAS FLICKR




hey guys ! :)
ok so OMG OMG OMG today is the best day EVER... it went up to... 23 !!!!!!
i know right? 23 degrees in april! im so so so happy..
anyways guess what? its my birthday in 13 days ! APRIL 23 :D im very excited .. im going to be 15 , so old.. and also guess what? for my birthday im asking for a canon rebel t3, so ill be taking pictures and posting them soon !
i also want to say i hope all of you are having an amazing year, i know im not posting as much but ive been busy, only.. 2 months until schools done ? CANT WAIT
anyways gotta get to my homework
xoxo -Amy



hey everyone :) I GOT A TUMBLR... which i am unfortunately addicted too.... check it out : http://amysruland.tumblr.com/
follow me lovelys <3





woohoo :) loving the long weekend!
xoxo amy


find me




Photos from weheartit :)
hey guys ! long time no talk , hope you all had a lovely march break!
on my march break i went to newfoundland and visited my friend mikaela, newfoundland ended up being much colder then ontario so that was a bummer
how was your march break?
xoxo amy


take me away



photos from weheartit
sick today :(
but on the bright side its feeling more and more like spring everyday!
im loving the fact that all the snow is melting!


Homework is possibly the most boring thing in the world to do. I have do 2 pages of deer and wolf population questions. But instead I'm blogging :)
hehe love you guys
photos from wehearit


search the world

awake, but dreamingi like to dreamwe got the beat
Here's a series of portraits Ava took of me yesterday! Check out her flickr and portfolio!




waiting for you


Hey guys! I haven't posted in SO long! this is a picture ava campbell took of me during a photo shoot this fall .. :)
check out her flickr and carbonmade!
she is such an amazing photographer... you know i honestly want to start an i love ava fan club! spread the word about her photography and post one of her picks on your blog! (with a link to her flickr/carbonmade of course)!
ahaahha the funny thing is, she doesn't even know i'm writing this but i honestly love her to death and want her amazzzzing photography skills to be known to the world
xoxoxoxoxoxox amy :)


short days long nights



from weheartit.
just a quick post :)
xo amy


I miss summer

and we were
trying different things
and we were
smoking funny things
making love
out by the lake
to our favourite songs
sipping whisky from the bottle
not thinking about tommorow
sweet home alabama
all summer long



photos from weheartit
song: all summer long
i hate school, so much. i just keep telling myself only 6 more days, and then its over. then its semester 2. which im hoping will be better then the first! :) exams are so stressful and goodluck to all of you with them <3
hoping to start posting more.
xo amy