I'm back


Hey darlings, Its Amy :) Tonight im going to a foam dance with my best friends... not sure how thats going to go kinda nervous! Anyways sorry I never post anymore, as I states bellow I now have a tumblr which I love to go on.. FOLLOW ME :) Amysruland.tumblr.com
ANYWAYS the school year is coming to an end :( and i should be happy about that but honestly im sad, time is passing way to quickly, and as much as I complain about school I honestly am going to miss all the amazing people ive met this year!
I think im going to probably make another post before summer comes, but if not I hope all of you have a summer to remember
My summer plans consist of going to my cottage, and going to 2 camps. Its going to be CRAMMED, ill have barely any free time.
XOXOX love you darlings!

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